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Accidental Fractures Can Be Serious

Accidental Fractures Can Be Serious

For many children, it’s only a matter of time before they break a bone. Because a fracture is a common injury, many people fail to take fractures as seriously as they should. Every possible fracture needs immediate medical attention – without proper treatment, permanent disfigurement of the bone or other complications can result. Some fractures may require more treatment than you would imagine, and the medical costs can be overwhelming. If you suffered a fracture in an accident, you should discuss your rights to compensation with a personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville as soon as possible.

Serious Fractures

A fractures wrist or foot may need to be immobilized for six or more weeks to allow the bone to heal. Other fractures need significantly more drastic measures.

Compound fractures – A compound fracture involves a bone that protrudes through the skin. Victims of compound fractures will often get rushed into surgery as soon as possible, where surgeons will properly clean the wound to prevent infections, and set the bone, often with pins, plates, or screws. Recovery from surgery can be long and painful.

Shattered bones – Some bones do not cleanly break or crack but instead, shatter into multiple pieces. When this happens, surgery is often needed to piece the bone back together and hold it in place with hardware while it heals. Many shattered bones never completely return to the way they were, affecting movement for the victim.

Many other fractures can be severe, including fractures to your jaw, face, skull, ribs, pelvis, hip, or knee. Because of the losses that can result from these injuries, consult with a Fayetteville personal injury attorney about your legal options.

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