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Avoid DUI Arrests on Super Bowl Sunday

Avoid DUI Arrests on Super Bowl Sunday

With the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta this year, everyone seems to be getting ready for the big day. Many people are planning to host or attend parties, and you can be sure they will eat lots of good food and likely have a couple of alcoholic drinks while they watch the football game. It is important that everyone remembers to avoid driving after drinking on game day.

Police agencies in and around Atlanta are also getting ready for the Super Bowl – by planning increased enforcement of Georgia drunk driving laws. There are different ways that agencies can push to catch more drunk drivers, including:

  • DUI Roadblocks – Police officers can set up roadblocks through which traffic must pass, so they can observe drivers for signs of intoxication. There are rules regarding roadblocks, such as police can only stop random cars or must stop every car. However, officers often overstep their authority at roadblocks and violate the constitutional rights of drivers.
  • Saturation Patrols – Saturation patrols involve a large number of patrol cars stationed in areas suspected to have a large number of drunk drivers. On Super Bowl Sunday, this can mean outside sports bars, around the stadium, in entertainment areas, and more. Officers will be closely looking for any signs to pull someone over.

If you have any drinks on February 3rd, you should take a Uber or Lyft or ride with a designated driver. In the event that you or someone you know gets arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you should consult with our criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

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