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Common Crimes During the Holidays

Common Crimes During the Holidays

The holidays should be a time for celebrations with friends and family. However, some people experience a dark cloud over their holiday season if they are arrested and charged with a crime. You may be surprised to learn that arrests for many offenses spike during the holidays, as law enforcement officers ramp up enforcement efforts during this time. The following are some crimes for which many people get arrested in the last few weeks of the year.

DUI – Holiday celebration often involve indulging in alcoholic beverages, and many people try to drive home after having too much to drink. You can bet police officers are on watch for drunk drivers during this time, and DUI arrests often increase substantially.

Theft – Stores are often chaotic when full of holiday shoppers and some people cannot afford gifts for loved ones. This combination of factors leads many people to try to shoplift or steal items from others.

Burglary – As gift-giving holidays approach, people know that many homes are full of valuables they intend to gift to loved ones. This can be tempting for certain individuals to break into homes or offices to steal things or commit other crimes.

Domestic violence – While the holidays should be a happy time, they can bring conflict to many families. People can lose their tempers, and it can result in calls to the police reporting incidents of domestic violence.

Whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges, it is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer for help right away.

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