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Most Common Juvenile Crime Charges

Most Common Juvenile Crime Charges

There are many incidents that could lead a minor to be facing juvenile crime charges. Whether their actions were premediated or they was pressured by friends to participate, there are several crimes that could land minors in youth court, teen court, peer court, and facing punishments for their actions. There are several different crimes that juveniles can be charged with, but some of the most common include:

Theft and Larceny: When a juvenile gets caught stealing he/she can face serious consequences depending on what was stolen and the circumstances surrounding the incident. The most common incidents of theft usually involve shoplifting, stealing bicycles, and stealing from other students’ backpacks or lockers.

Alcohol/Marijuana-Related Offenses: A frequent cause for juvenile crime charges is incidents related to alcohol and marijuana use. This can include possession of marijuana, smoking it in public places, possessing an open container of alcohol in public or while in a vehicle, consuming alcohol underage, and purchasing alcohol underage.

Vandalism: There are several types of vandalism that can put juveniles in court facing charges including tagging, graffiti, keying cars, cutting tires, and destroying public or private property.

Disorderly Conduct: Disorderly conduct is also a common type of juvenile crime charge that encompasses several cases including fighting in public, flashing and indecent exposure, and cursing at teachers and other authority figures.

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