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Common Juvenile Offenses

Common Juvenile Offenses

Getting the news that your child has been accused of a criminal offense is devastating for any parent. However, juveniles are arrested on a regular basis in the State of Georgia for a variety of offenses. There are some types of criminal conduct that are particularly common among minors, and these include the following:

  • Larceny – Commonly known as theft, larceny can include stealing items from other people, retail establishments, homes, and more. Even if something stolen is of little value, there can still be criminal consequences.
  • Assault – Many juveniles of all ages get into fights, and some parents might even think that fighting is “part of being a kid.” However, harming someone or putting them in fear of physical harm can constitute the criminal offense of assault.
  • Underage drinking – There are many different offenses that can stem from minors under age 21 possessing, purchasing, or drinking alcohol. These include having a fake ID, driving under the influence (DUI), alcohol possession, and more.
  • Drug possession – Getting caught with drugs is a common reason why many minors get involved with the criminal justice system. These offenses can involve narcotics, drugs like marijuana, or even prescription drugs that belong to their parents or others.
  • Sex offenses – Allegations of sexual misconduct can occur involving minors, and these offenses are taken very seriously, especially when the victim was a younger child.

In addition to the above, juveniles can also be involved in much more serious violent crimes, and they can face charges as adults in many cases.

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