Estate Planning FAQ

People often understand that estate planning is important, though you might have many questions when it comes to your specific estate plan. At Overman & Overman LLC, Attorneys at Law, our estate planning lawyers in Fayetteville can answer your questions and advise of your options to plan for your future.

When is it time to draft a will?

You may assume that you do not need a will until you have substantial wealth or children who will be your beneficiaries. In reality, anyone can benefit from having a will - in fact, Georgia law allows people age 14 and older to create a valid will. A will allows you to keep control over what happens to your assets and property instead of having it distributed by the court according to Georgia law.

Do I need to create a trust?

Some people benefit from creating a trust in addition to drafting a will. A trust can accomplish many goals, including:

  • Keeping property out of probate
  • Having greater control over distributions to beneficiaries
  • Shielding assets from creditors
Some trusts can help with Medicaid planning, providing for family members with special needs, and other specialized goals.

How can a lawyer help with probate?

When a will is submitted to probate court, the designated executor of the estate will have many tasks to complete. Family members may also want to challenge the validity of a will by claiming undue influence, lack of mental capacity, or other defects in the will. Our legal team can help with every step of the probate process for executors, beneficiaries, or heirs to a will.

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