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What Happens When a Teacher is Falsely Accused?

What Happens When a Teacher is Falsely Accused?

When it comes to the generations of the future, their teachers play a vital role in helping them take the right step forward. But what happens when a certain circumstance arises and an accusation is made against a teaching professional which doesn’t happen to be true? Overman and Overman Law in Fayetteville is dedicated to helping others learn more about due process and making sure when their teacher administrative school hearing arrives, they will have a qualified attorney working for them.

Many teachers tend to go to hearings without proper representation, but Overman and Overman Law has got you covered. Some disputes can occur over abuse accusations, teaching methods, or grading issues, and this is when it pays to have a team of legal professionals working with you. Under the law, you are entitled to due process of law which means you have the right to a fair trial and you have the right to know the allegations being brought up against you, as well as access to the evidence. Some working professionals may not always be aware of this, but the team at Overman and Overman Law has the experienced attorneys you’ll want sitting on your side of the table when you go into your hearing. Some teachers may face disciplinary action due to the accusations against them and with our attorneys, you’ll get the justice, or reduced sentence, that you deserve.

On April 5th of this year, a teacher was wrongly accused of touching his students because they were unhappy that he had yelled at them in class. His 40-year career was in shambles and he lost his job. Don’t let this become your future. Reach out to Overman and Overman Law today.

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