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What Qualifies as a Product Liability Claim?

What Qualifies as a Product Liability Claim?

Have you recently sustained injuries from using a defective product? This is a common cause for personal injury claims throughout Georgia and our Fayetteville team is here to get you back on your feet. Product liability is a complex faction of personal injury law which addresses issues with defective products including products which lack instructions or proper warning labels. If you have been injured due to a defective product, like the examples below, you deserve to work with an experienced attorney who can fight for justice on your behalf.

  1. Products with defective designs: When a product has a poor design, it can injure users, even when it is built correctly according to the original specifications. A design defect affects an entire line of products and often results in recalls. An example of a defectively designed products is a line of cars which flip over when turning corners.
  2. Products with a manufacturing defect: Alternately, manufacturing defects generally only affect a single product, rather than the entire line. This occurs because of an error or issue during the production process itself. Some examples of manufacturing defects include medications tainted with toxins or a vehicle missing its brake pads.
  3. Products which lack a warning label or instructions: Products that do contain a safety warning label or proper instructions for use can often injure consumers. A hair dryer which lacks a warning label about use around water, for example, may qualify for a product liability claim.

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