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Your Rights after a Slip and Fall Accident

Your Rights after a Slip and Fall Accident

One minute you are grocery shopping, and the next, you are on the ground in pain. You slipped on something left in an aisle, and you know you injured yourself. You know you should go to the emergency room, but who will cover the costs of your medical treatment? What happens if you have to miss work?

The good news is that many slip and fall victims have the right to hold a business liable for all of the costs of their injuries, and it is important to discuss your rights in your specific situation with an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Fayetteville as soon as possible.
When Can You Seek Compensation?
In order for a slip and fall victim to seek compensation from a business, they must prove the business was somehow negligent and that the negligence led to the slip and fall. There are many types of negligence that can cause this type of accident, including:

● Failing to clean up spilled liquid
● Not displaying caution signs for wet floors or other hazards
● Leaving items on the ground
● Having slippery flooring materials
● Items or shelves protruding into walkways

If you believe a hazard in a store caused your fall, you should report the accident to the store manager and call the police for a report. Seek medical help, and then call an attorney who can help you recover for your losses. Such losses can include:

● Medical bills
● Lost income
● Pain and suffering
Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fayetteville for Assistance
If a negligent business caused your slip and fall, you should speak to a Fayetteville personal injury attorney at Overman & Overman as soon as possible. We can advise you of your rights and handle the legal process for you. Call 770.626.5200 or contact us online for free today.

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