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When is it Time to Make Your Will?

When is it Time to Make Your Will?

Most teenagers are thinking about where they want to go to college – not planning for their death. However, did you know that Georgia law allows people as young as 14 to draft a valid will? While your 14-year-old high schooler may not need a will, it is always a good idea for adults to consult with an estate planning will attorney. The following are only some of the many events that make it critical to have a will.

Marriage – You want to ensure your spouse is properly provided for in your will, especially if you have or plan to have children. You may also want to name your spouse as the executor of your estate. If you are getting married for a second time, there are unique estate planning issues that could arise and you definitely want to address them in a will.

Having a Child – A will not only leaves property to beneficiaries but also allows you to plan who will care for your children if something happens to both parents. Setting out this provision is important to avoid state custody of your children.

Change in Your Estate – If you start a business, purchase a house, experience a windfall, or have any other life event that changes the nature or value of your estate, you should definitely draft a will and consider other estate planning tools.

An accident or illness can happen at any age, and you want to prepare to protect your property and your family. A will is also only one part of a comprehensive estate plan, so you should discuss your options and needs with a Fayetteville estate planning attorney.

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